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Galaxy S22
I think it would be so cool if I could actually customize my Samsung Galaxy S22 with an HTC Sense widecreen style home screen (where you can set wide-screen wallpapers and pan from side to side (left & right), along with a 4 button navigation bar (recent apps, home search, back), and vertical scroll app drawer (from earlier HTC phones including HTC Aria and Vivid), along with the TouchWiz lock screen animated unlocking effects (from early Samsung Galaxy phones including Galaxy S5). I really miss those cool lock screen unlocking effects including: Popping Colors, Ripple, Stone Skipping, and Watercolor. 
I wish that there was a really cool add on app which would allow you to add the TouchWiz lock screen animated unlocking effects into the ONE UI system interface.
This would be my ideal dream customization app. 

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Galaxy S22

I think you have such an excellent taste for what seems to already be available, however if it’s the trouble in the fact you cannot find the perfect recipe for the dish you wish… you seem like a very intelligent woman with all the right capabilities in order to make this happen, but even greater, you, can download an app to make the app you so well designed in your words! Just saying, anything is possible and you should go for it!! Hope you don’t take this advice the wrong way. :hundred_points:🫶🏼. 

Galaxy S22
I appreciate the compliment.
This is something I've been thinking about since I finally had to trade in my 8 year old Galaxy S5 a couple years ago.
I really liked the lock screen unlocking effects it had. So wish the S22 had those lock screen animated unlocking effects. With the ONE UI system interface, the lock screen just makes a click as you swipe it when it switches to home screen. Nothing special about it. I tried looking for unlocking effects in the settings, but S22 doesn't include them.
After I noticed the S5 didn't have a widescreen style home screen layout HTC Sense had. And, my wide frame 16:9 photos I shot to fit my HTC home screen wouldn't fit on my potrait style Samsung Galaxy home screen because it doesn't have the < > panning feature on TouchWiz or ONE UI.
Apex Launcher features the HTC SENSE style home screen and vertical scrolling app drawer.
But, perhaps if Samsung were to create a Good Lock app that integrates the TouchWiz lock screen animated unlocking effects into a ONE UI phone, that would be great. I would install it on my S22.
Perhaps if someone could develop a new HTC Sense style launcher which would not only integrate the landscape style home screen and vertical app drawer, but the 4 button navigation bar (recent apps, home, search, and back).
This way you'd have the best of both worlds all in one phone.