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Unlocked phone. No update?

(Topic created: 05-15-2024 07:58 PM)
Galaxy S22
Do unlocked phones that switch carries get some updates blocked? Specially s22 Ultra. Can't seem to find any info anywhere. 
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Galaxy S22

It all depends on when your carrier decides to push the update to your phone 

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Galaxy S22
No, having an unlocked variant and your update schedule are not exactly intertwined, but being unlocked has the advantage of participating in beta roll outs. For example, a locked T-Mobile phone won't get any beta invitations, while the unlocked version on that same carrier will. If you want fast updates go with T-Mobile or one of it's subsidiaries. AT&T and Verizon are typically on the slower end, in terms of pushing updates. As Gary said, it's Carrier dependent, I just thought I'd add which are faster/slower. I always go unlocked and stick with T-Mobile on 1 of my 2 phones. I get updates and beta opportunities lickety-split, then switch the SIM card to my other phone, prompting the updates or beta enrollment on that one as well 😉