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What's with the constant updates?

(Topic created: 05-19-2024 07:32 PM)
Galaxy S22
My S22 ultra is updating every few days and then features are missing. This is a replacement phone I got in March after my previous one died. The old one, same model, only occasionally required updating. I'm really sick and tired of constantly having to restart my phone. Why so many updates?
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Galaxy S22
I would think that even if it was equipped with the original default Android software, that it would update to the current version.
Perhaps it only had Android 12 ONE UI 4 when you unpacked it. Probably a brand new one.
If it was referb it would most likely have the last software version the previous owner had installed.
Looks like it's updating one Android update at a time, including security updates, until it eventually brings it up to the latest version.
Sounds like you ran into some possible bugs and glitches too.
I recall the only serious software issue that I have encountered was with Android 14. It basically erased my sim card during the actual installation process, rendering it completely and permanently unreadable.
I had no mobile networks only Wifi.
Had to have a new sim card made by my carrier. Recommend you remove the sim card during the updates for precautionary measures, until the process is completed, then reinstall it, disconnect the WiFi, and reboot it.
If necessary, enable the wireless network debugging. You will need to enable the Developer Options, and scroll down to that option, in order to enable the WiFi debugging.