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(Topic created: 04-23-2024 03:36 PM)
Galaxy S23
I just upgraded from a S20 to a S23 and on the lock screen, always on display I used to be able to pick if I wanted the click to show or not. The S23 doesn't give me that option and doesn't show the time & date like the S20 did. Is there something I'm missing here coz shouldn't the phone be improving as new models come out? As far as I see it, in this particular area, it got worse. I don't wear a watch & use my phone for time. Am I now needing to actually open up the phone to check time instead of glancing at it?
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Go to wallpaper and style in settings to change and add a clock and date and you need Goodlock Lockstar to customize and setup the tap to view

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Galaxy S23
listen to Gary , he is the man when it comes to anything samsung !!!
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Go to Settings > Lock screen and AOD. Tap where it says "Always On Display" (not the toggle). The "When to show" options will be on the next screen.

I wish they'd quit moving settings around. We get used to certain settings being in a specific location. 1713958034984.jpg