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Galaxy S23
 Let me start by saying almost if not every electronic I've purchased has been a samsung. I have always loved the ease, quality, and new features of the brand, HOWEVER, I am incredibly frustrated and saddened by the lack of quality in the most recent items I have purchased. And may I say that I have invested a large amount of money, some of which was to try and remedy the inadequacy of the GALAXY S23. 
 I decided to vent my anger and frustration after trying to edit the horrible quality of the pictures taken with S23s ridiculously inadequate camera (which was supposedly it's highlited feature) . While trying to edit my photos for days and days (over 2000) it's getting blatantly obvious that the REMASTER, SHADOW ERASER, REFLECTION ERASER, AND ALL OF THE OTHER "TOOLS" really just don't work. And after finally figuring out how to find all of my photos that One Drive decided to put wherever it wanted, then putting them in order, and after all of that, I have to edit photos that I took a lot of time to stage correctly. 
 I just started an online store for my handmade Jewelry and just hit my first year. What should have been an exciting time for me and my one and only attempt at starting a business doing what I love, has been anything but exciting. 
 I could go on, but I have to edit my photos.
Thanks for listening 
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Galaxy S23
I agree. Hope Samsung fix this soon. I missed my S22