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My Humble Opinion on One UI 6.0 & 6.1

(Topic created: 06-01-2024 07:14 PM)
Galaxy S23
 It has been more than a minute since the 6.0 and 6.1 updates have been with us . To me, this has not been and continues to be not one of the companies best updates. One of my frustrations is the lack of modularity in the ability to customize some of the features . You have go into both settings and goodlock to make it get what you want. Some features have become tied together. An example would ben Lock Screen and AOD. Depending on how you customize them you can include the home screen now. Something, as simple as tap to swipe is buried in mulit layers of commands, and is attached to a permanent pimple on home screen. Lost forever it seems is vertical swipe for the app drawer. It seems the the choices and ability to customize your phone ha been lessened for whatever reason. Which is sad after all that was a bug part of the reason we bought our phones. The idea of having features removed can be annoying. Not a make or break but if wanted no customization we would have bought Iphones.

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Galaxy S23
I agree. I would like a lot of what's in GoodLock to be available in Settings , and app drawer vertical is almost like Samsung is just being obstinate about this