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Phone dialing issue

(Topic created: 02-03-2024 06:19 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S23
I have a Galaxy S23 plus, with Verizon Wireless. I have android 14, with One UI 6.0 version. The OS is upto date and all apps including Samsung are upto date.

Sometimes when I use the stock phone app to dial a number, the dialing process gets cut off even before the first ring and the screen goes back to the dialpad. Once it happens, no matter how many times I redial or dial different numbers, it keeps cutting off without dialing. The only quick solution in that case is a reboot of the phone. But a reboot helps only for a week to ten days before it stars happening again. 

I tried clearing cache of the phone app. I even tried the ultimate factory data reset of the phone but it didn't help. I also tried with and without wifi connection, multiple places but it's still there.

I sent multiple feedbacks with log file to Samsung but there is no use except a response saying the team is looking into it.

Much appreciated if someone has any better ideas. Thank you.
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