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Galaxy S24 Ultra gallery issue

(Topic created: 03-07-2024 11:49 AM)
Galaxy S24

When I create a new album in the gallery app then select the photos to (move to said album per Samsung) & move the photos, they are still in the photos tab. When you move photos to an album, that is the same as cut & paste to the new album. Whin I delete the photos then, they are also deleted from the album also. What is the solution? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

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Black Hole
Galaxy S24

What you see in the "photos tab" is a collection of all media on the device, not in a specific album.  So the pictures from ANY album will appear here.

Galaxy S24

So then, when selecting items in the Pictures tab to 'move' to an Album, it does not work, right?  In earlier versions of Galaxy phones there was a Pictures tab and a Recents tab.  The Recents held all of the images that existed, even in Albums.  In the Pictures tab items would disappear when moved to an Album  The Recents tab disappeared when I got my Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Up until, possibly as recent as, 2024.04.01 I believe the move to Album from the Pictures tab was working fine because I used it many times and it performed as expected.  The image would be removed from Pictures tab and appear in the selected Album.  Samsung should look into this to see if something is amiss.  I do not believe the Move to Album is working correctly.