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Really unusual, niche issue with drawing on S24 Ultra

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Galaxy S24
In most painting apps like Clip Studio Paint and Infinite Painter, one really important and basic input command is the two-finger tap to Undo an action (usually a brush stroke).

I've had this phone since it came out, and it has an unusual issue where tapping the screen with two fingers will sometimes cause the canvas to wildly rotate 60-90 degrees or sometimes send it veering off in one direction, as if I flicked the screen really hard or something instead of just tapping it with two fingers. This was never a problem when I had an S23 Ultra.

My theory is it's an unforeseen problem Samsung introduced when they basically resolved that old pesky issue where the S-pen would often fail to connect after removing it from the silo/slot. Back in those days, it often was not a bad idea to just toggle "Keep S-Pen connected" on under Settings if you knew you were going to be removing it a lot, on a whim, that day. 

I've noticed that the problem seems to go away if I set the screen's refresh rate to 60hz, but who wants that, you know? Drawing is slower/laggier, and so is basically everything else -- it's not really a tolerable experience when you're spoiled by 120+hz and the battery savings don't seem that significant anymore.

Any ideas what can be done? Any chance someone at Samsung support will read this and be genuinely interested in somehow escalating it? Everytime there is a security update, I keep hoping it will be quietly fixed, but I've lost track of how long it has been (6+ months since the S24 Ultra came out). There's even still a chance maybe I have a rare dud phone with some issue with its screen/touch calibration, but I've always dreaded trying to explain this over the phone with someone to try to secure an exchange for another S24 Ultra. 

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