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Selecting Media To Upload Always Out Of Order

(Topic created: 06-16-2024 09:55 PM)
Galaxy S24
Whenever I go to any website or use social media to select files to upload on android, it brings me to a menu of my media folders that are always out of alphabetical order. So everytime I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom that says "More..." which will bring me to another quick media menu that has two categories called Photos and Albums, both of which are also out of order and only shows the recently modified or added media items. There will be 3 vertical dots to the right of this menu and upon clicking this shows 2 options: Browse and Cloud Media App. So I have to click browse to go to my gallery, where everything is sorted and how I want it. Going through all these steps everytime I want to share media items is very annoying. There needs to be a Gallery or Browse button at the moment someone clicks upload on a site or social media platform to share their media where it accesses on their device, otherwise you have to open 3 different menus just to reach an organized gallery that is much easier to read.
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