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Setting the default app to edit text files

(Topic created: 03-25-2024 07:07 PM)
Galaxy S24

I have a Galaxy S24 Ultra & I love it! However, I need to be able to edit plain old text files (You know, the ones with the ".txt" extension?). Unfortunately, I don't know how to tell my phone which app I want to be the default text editor. Is there a way to do that? Also, can I then "extend" that so I can also use the same editor to edit files that are stored on my Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.?

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Black Hole
Galaxy S24
I don't think there's a native text editor on the phone. There is, however, a couple of text editor apps in the play store - can't vouch fot them, though. Simple Text Editor and Notepad are ad free and free. If your files in your cloud drives are text files, and can be accessed on your phone, there is no teason the text editor won't work on those files as well.