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Terrible Audio Call Quality

(Topic created: 05-11-2024 10:54 AM)
Galaxy S24

Hello all! Just got a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, first time with a nice phone, everything has been great so far except for my mic quality in calls which is terrible unfortunately. I've tried every mic mode, don't have google assistant or bixby enabled, everything should be up to date. Don't think it's a hardware issue because it sounds fine in the voice recorder app and videos I take, just awful the vast majority of the time in any call (snapchat, instagram, whastapp, discord, regular calls, etc). I'm not in a noisy environment or anything. See the link for an example recording my friend took of a discord call—for once it was alright for just a moment then went right back to being terrible with nothing apparent changing on my end. Apparently the end of that clip is how it normally sounds which is pretty unbearable for everybody I talk to. Any help would be much appreciated!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Terrible Call Quality - YouTube 

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S24
Warranty repair or swap.