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Hello. I've got a Watch 6 Classic and I'm getting mixed answers from everywhere I look on the following subject. I will be travelling to multiple different countries and plan to use my Watch 6 for things like Google Maps directions and the like to avoid wasting my phones battery. Samsung told me that when abroad, it'll still be able to work properly, I just need to link my travel eSIM that I've used for my phone to the Watch and all is fine but when I asked the same question to the eSIM company I was looking at, they told me that is not the case and I would need to buy a SIM from a local provider just for the watch to use. I am extremely confused.

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@otagg I think using your watch like this abroad is problematic. And it seems that you are finding this out. I haven't heard of anyone else doing this so I have no experience to relate. 

I would recommend turning off LTE on the watch while traveling and just using the Bluetooth connection to your phone. Your phone's battery is much larger than your watch's battery. 

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When I travel abroad, I keep my watch in airplane mode and use only my phone for connectivity.  As @LongHiker says, the phone battery is much larger and will last longer.  If you are worried about not being able to charge a low battery, carry a power bank with you, but almost anywhere you go (unless you are hiking in the boonies), you will be able to plug in somewhere.