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Problems with emergency call volume in watch 6

(Topic created: 05-06-2024 06:39 AM)
Galaxy Watch

Hello everyone!

I'm setting up a Galaxy Watch 6 for an elderly person with an eSIM. After redirecting emergency calls to come to me, I've noticed that each time they are activated, the volume drops to the minimum, making it impossible to maintain effective communication. This issue perplexes me, as I've tried numerous options without success. The volume of the calls is not a parameter that can be adjusted in the watch's settings. It's important to mention that the watch is not paired with any smartphone; the call is made directly from the watch's SIM.

The volume in regular calls remains constant and remembers the last configured level, but this behavior is not replicated in emergency calls (whether triggered by a fall or by pressing the home button five times).

I've found the same problem reported years ago, and apparently, a solution has not yet been found.

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