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Smart watch and seniors

(Topic created: 02-27-2024 11:53 AM)
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Due to my grandma's health this past week, I'm looking for ways that I can keep track on her oxygen, ECG and safety while I'm at work.

My question is can in any way link her Samsung health and Galaxy Watch 5 to my Samsung health so I can keep a look at her health?.
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@Cyd234 You can connect multiple watches to your phone and all the Samsung Health data will appear on your phone. But... there is no way to separate the data. It assumes that one person is using the multiple devices. Also... you can only have one watch actively connected to your phone at a given time. 

I have 2 watches but one is on the charger while I am using the other one. The wearable app actively hands off to the other watch when I put one on the charger and the other on my wrist. 

So.... sorry long answer... you can't use the watch in the scenario you describe.