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[OFFICIAL] Game for good: Play & learn with Green Games!

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Hey Samsung Community ! 

    Support the environment by learning through climate-focused mobile and video games.

    If you’re one of the more than three billion people around the globe who played games in 20221, you know how absorbing they can be. And often, that’s precisely why we play them in first place — to take a break from the anxieties of life and button mash our way to victory for a while. But what if instead of gaming to escape your worries, you could play games that help address them? Well, that’s exactly what some of the biggest gaming brands have been trying to provide — a way for gamers like you to feel good about doing what they love. Developers have created a new and innovative way to connect and educate gamers about environmental issues called green games — in essence, the gamification of sustainability education and experiences that give users the ability to learn about more sustainable scenarios and steps they could take to address one of their biggest anxieties, climate change.


    Popular and fun titles have started integrating more serious environmentally themed messaging and even missions into their games. Other games have taken a more direct and serious approach, making the game itself the environmental message, like Tencent’s Carbon Island Game . It raises critical environmental issues for Chinese audiences by trying to reach China’s massive GenZ gamer and esports audiences with productive alternative gaming options which teach them the different consequences of global warming, highlighting and intensifying the present and future risks of climate change.

    With yearly revenues from games reaching a whopping $140 billion dollars last year (more than Hollywood, Bollywood and music sales combined)1, and 666 million people now tuning in to watch other people play games on Twitch and YouTube, channeling even a small portion of that attention or revenue towards green initiatives could help educate players about more sustainable decision making and habits, a similar goal of the United Nations Environmental Program, the Playing for the Planet Alliance 

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    A social cause based technology initiative called Ocean Heroes Game: Make Ocean Plastic Free ³, from Dropledge is a green game that finds you as a scuba-diving hero on a mission to protect the ocean and its inhabitants from the dangers of plastic pollution. But watch out for sharks and other dangerous marine life that will take a bite out of you while you’re taking a bite out of ocean pollution. Throughout the game, the player is prompted to pledge their commitment to specific actions and bring awareness to the state of the planet’s oceans. By educating the player with sobering facts about ocean pollution during traditional gameplay, Ocean Heroes gamifies the act of cleaning up the oceans and seeks to challenge and change gamer behavior subconsciously.

    From games that are purely fun to ones that provide hypothetical future world building environmental scenarios, let’s take a look at some other green gaming titles. You can boot them up this year on World Environment Day to support its global #beatplasticpollution campaign, as well as to support, educate yourself and game for other climate related initiatives that are important to you.


Click here to learn more about green games! 

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Let's goooooooooo! Gaming, Saving Earth and all with Samsung. Can't top that! #beatplasticpollution

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