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PC vs Mobile: Who Wins?

(Topic created: 07-17-2019 10:28 AM)
Cosmic Ray

When I first got into gaming, I started on my family PC, but when I got my first cell phone, I became obsessed with being able to play on the go (even if it was just Snake). With my Galaxy S10 I find myself gaming on my phone more and more. Recently I’ve been thinking about the differences between mobile and PC gaming and here’s where I netted out:


Mobile Gaming: Extremely portable, allowing you to be on-the-go. The Galaxy S10 has an intelligent battery that learns from your usage for longer gaming, and, for me, I love having it in a compact package.


PC Gaming: A bigger screen leads to better resolution, making the game more immersive. The Notebook Odyssey even has an HDMI port, so you can create a whole battle station. It’s also compatible with VR devices to take you even further into the game.  


What do you all think? Are you more of a mobile or PC gamer? Maybe you use your tablet? Let me know in the comments!  



Game on!  


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i think that it's better on a phone because you know you can take it anywhere and play whenever you want and with a good solution it's not that bad and for me the problem is that the battery will run somehow faster and thats it 




@userXLtrztmGkU portability is a big plus. Which phone do you currengtly use to game?


I'm similar to you, I've started out as a PC gamer, and even got a gaming PC built, but I've found myself leaning more and more towards mobile gaming with my S10+.


The displays on phones have improved so much, I just feel like it's a hassle to wait for your computer to turn on.


Battery is only an issue when I'm gaming away for a long time, which isn't something I do a lot, but I would have just invested into a power bank or battery phone case. Most of my mobile gaming is done sitting on my bed where I can charge my phone while playing.