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Samsung Gamers: Group Mission Statement

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Join the Samsung Gamers community to connect with other gamers, join gaming events, track gaming news and opportunities to earn Samsung Rewards you can use toward new products!




Community Mission Statement: Samsung Gamers


Our Samsung Gamers community exists to connect members with other gamers, help them find and join sponsored gaming events, follow news and discover opportunities to earn Samsung Rewards. There are several different ways to participate:


    • Meet gamers like yourself
    • Join conversations about the gaming topics you follow
    • Find your next challenging opponent
    • Show off accomplishments and share tips, ask questions or learn new ways of gaming 
    • Engage with our community leaders and members
    • Shape the community to your—let us know what’s helpful and working for you
    • Guide your friends to threads that will interest them from what they post and comment
    • Share gaming ideas and suggestions with Samsung Gaming Council
    • Learn how to earn Samsung Reward points for playing the games you love


Ready, Player? This platform is for you and other users to share wins, tips, and Galaxy gaming knowledge to help everyone be the best mobile gamers.


Here are a few Do’s and Don’t to help all of us:

  • DO:
    • Join conversations with topics you’re familiar with or interested in.
    • Guide others to threads that might interest them from what they post and comment.
    • Make sure the pictures, screenshots, and videos you’re posting fit the thread and conversation you’re posting to.
    • Be courteous of other users with your language, directions, and descriptions. Each user is on their own level.
    • Report spam or scammers. We want to ensure that you and your fellow users are growing, so let’s keep it safe and focused on gaming.
  • DO NOT:
    • Post illegal gaming tips or hacks. Sorry not sorry, it’s the law.
    • Share imagery or wins that are not yours without proper credit to the originator.
    • Post comments or with inappropriate language or discrimination. This is an open platform to all, and we want to keep it safe for all.
    • Put down others’ accomplishments. If you have constructive tips, add a comment, but be respectful of others’ posts.
    • Post any solicitations or advertisements. Stick to helpful gaming conversation, not broadcasting your accessory page.
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