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Door Switch Help With Samsung Microwave Model ME21M706BAS

(Topic created: 05-02-2024 07:10 AM)
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My microwave stopped working in the middle of a short cooking cycle.  I checked the fuses and they were good, but I replaced them anyway.  I tried a new control board and still did not turn on.  I replaced the door switches with all new ones but think I may have gotten them mixed up.  Does anyone know which ones are supposed to be normally open and which should be normally closed?  I found a loose power connector that goes to the board with the fuses and got it to turn back on and seem to work fine...the issue now is that it won't heat up.  All other functions seem to work.  I think I may have the switches in the wrong place for the door.  I currently have the following setup....
Top switch = Normally open with Orange and Orange wires
Middle switch = Normally closed with Red and Black wires
Bottom switch = Normally Open with Black and Black wires

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Community Manager
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Hi @Calgrow,  At this point I would suggest a copy of a service manual for your particular model microwave they can be purchased from our parts distributor at Samsungparts.com or 800-627-4368.


They'll be able to get you squared away in no time.