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About eight weeks ago, our 3 year old refrigerator/freezer quit working. We called Samsung and had a repair ticket created. UBreakIFix was the service center that received our ticket. A repair tech from UBreakIFix came out and confirmed that our compressor was defective and that we needed a new one. The tech ordered the part and scheduled to have an install a week and a half later.

On his second visit, when he arrived at our home, he asked if the compressor had been delivered to us because he didn't have it and was told that we did. Well, we didn't receive any part. The tech called and confirmed that his warehouse should have received the part. He left and rescheduled to come back a week later. 

On his what would be third visit, before he arrived, he called and asked again if we had the part. Again, we told him no and that his warehouse was supposed to have the part. After some research on his end, he called back and said that no one could locate the part and that it was lost. He told us that he would order a new part and have it overnighted to his warehouse. We rescheduled the repair.

That was the last time we ever saw or heard from the tech. He never showed for the fourth scheduled appointment, and no one ever called us to let us know he wouldn't be here. We reached out the service center and were told that he was busy and that we would need to reschedule. 

He didn't show for the fifth, sixth, or seventh reschedule. No one ever contacted us to let us know they were not going to show up, so we have lost vacation days from work taking off for someone who was never going to show. Today was supposed to be our eighth reschedule, and again, he never showed. We called the service center and were told that the one tech that never shows or contacts us is the ONLY one that can fix our issue, and he is out of the area on leave or something. So the service center scheduled us for today knowing that the guy wouldn't show up. 

I contacted Samsung through Facebook to see if there was another service center that we could contact to fix the fridge since the UBreakIFix one isn't cutting it. I was told that this was the only service center in the area that could fix our problem. So between UBreakIFix and Samsung, we determined that there is only 1 tech in the entire Washington DC area that can replace our compressor. RIDICULOUS. 

So now, we have been without a refrigerator for almost 8 weeks, are getting NO help from UBreakIFix or Samsung. We are just getting the run around from both. We just want a working refrigerator and currently have a $3000 piece of junk sitting in our kitchen. We are living out of a cooler.

As someone else had said, this is inhumane and unethical. We just want our refrigerator fixed, a new working refrigerator, or a refund so that we can buy a new fridge. It shouldn't be this difficult to get an appliance fixed. 


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Samsung customer service has always been awful.Post a complaint to everyone in Facebook,contact better business bureau, Google "Samsung Survey" or "Samsung Review" and rant about their horrible service.
your situation is outrageous - don't buy from them again. LG is highly rated.