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Replacing water line on Samsung fridge

(Topic created: 05-06-2024 08:38 AM)
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I have a Samsung side-by-side fridge with auto ice maker and water dispenser (Model # rs261mdwp). For the most part, all works good.

a few months ago, I ran into an issue with the water line. I discovered a pinhole leak in the water line on the backside of the fridge. I was able to easily fix it by cutting out the area of the leak in the water and then using a coupler to re-connect.

well, the same issue happen 2 more times in different areas of the water line. Again, on the backside of the fridge. Once again, I repaired them again in the same manner. Each repair happened a few months within each other.

well, I had it happen yet AGAIN, but this time it appears to be coming from the bottom somewhere. I haven’t had a chance to get to it so turned the water supply off from the wall and will look at it soon here.

instead of using a coupler yet again (& it then leaking somewhere else in a few months), I think I should replace the whole water line instead.

how difficult would this be? Are there possibly any online videos that show how to do this? If so, where?

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