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Ring App does not auto close nor allows to ring the door bell again on refrigerators with Samsung Family Hub

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Ring App on Samsung Family Hub has major Flaws. First, it does not auto close the live feed once the Ring door bell is pressed and it drains the battery and streams continuously. There is not timeout setting in the app.

Second Major Flaw is when live feed is on which does not auto close, no body can ring the doorbell again. Say if the live feed is open for 10 hour of time, no body can ring the door bell for 10 hours, so unless I have to walk to the refrigerator and manually close the app which is such a pain. 


Ring App on Samsung Family Hub is one of the most attractive selling point for this refrigerator but this Ring App does not work and has major Flaws.

Any fixes and how does Samsung ignore this issue as I see tons of posts online from other users but there is no fix shared from Samsung?

Has anyone taken this issue publicly on a large scale so Samsung can take efforts to fix this simple bug or flaw?

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