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Samsung RF263BEAESR Refrigerator Leak from Waterline to Ice Maker

(Topic created: 09-19-2022 10:11 AM)
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Hello All,

I have finally gotten around to replacing the needed components to my ice maker to keep it from freezing up.

The ice maker now works and makes plenty of ice that is the right size and shape. I noticed however that when water is being sent to ice maker some of it leaks out of the back where it enters into the refrigerator (the gray/white hose) (picture attached).


I know that the supply line isn't frozen because ice is being produced and its not small or an odd shape.

I assumed it was a crack in the line so I replaced that portion going in but it still leaks a little water (only when filling the trays). I also verified that the water line was pushed into the correct spot. (picture also attached of view from inside ice maker.)Capture2.PNG



I'm kind of stumped as to how water could still be flowing back out the fridge if there isn't any apparent blockages or breaks in the line... Is there some sort of washer or sealant that could be used? Thanks guys and gals!





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