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Can you pair two Samsung One Smart remotes to one TV, “No”. A generic, “yes, sort of”.

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I have been trying to pair two Samsung remotes to the same TV; both attempts have fallen short. Here is my experience with pairing a second genuine Samsung One Smart Remote and a ‘generic’ Samsung One remote to my Samsung 4K TV.

Pairing two genuine Samsung One Smart remotes:

I have my original genuine Samsung One Smart Remote (which works fine) and bought another ‘genuine” Samsung ‘One” remote to see if I could get them both working on my TV at the same time.  The bottom-line answer is “No”, it can’t be done. Once you have one remote paired with the TV and then try to pair the second remote (pressing simultaneously on the back & play buttons), the second remote will pair normally, as you would expect.  However, when you do this, the original remote will be come “unpaired” and will not function.  I tried every ‘internet offered’ solution and could not get both remotes paired at the same time. If anyone figures out how to do this, I would love to hear about it.

Pairing my Genuine Samsung One Remote and a 'generic' Samsung One remote to my TV:

I have tried doing this with two different generic Samsung One remotes and the result was the same; it works, sort of. First of all, you should know that these ‘generic’ remotes are not Smart devices.  They just work out of the box.  Pretty much all functions worked correctly: Channel up/dn, TV volume (only), back button, etc., all just worked. So, when I tried pairing each of the generics to my TV (pressing both Back & Play buttons), one of the remotes didn’t respond at all, the TV simply did not recognize it at all.  The other ‘generic’ generated an error from the TV, stating “This is not a Smart device, please try using a Samsung Smart Remote”. Technically they still both worked, but there was one shortcoming that proved insurmountable.

The issue is, I use a separate external Sony A/V Receive for my audio (using optical audio out from the TV).  And neither of the ‘generic’ remotes were able to connect to the volume control of the Sony. When I tried to get the remotes to acknowledge/pair/recognize (what ever you call it) to the Sony, using the “Add new Device” function through the Universal Remote set-up, I got errors.  The error was: "Not Supported. This feature is only available on Samsung Smart Remote. Please try again with Samsung Smart Remote." So since neither ‘generic’ remote would work with my audio system, I sent them both back.

One final note on the generics, one of them had the 3 shortcut buttons for Netflix, Hulu, & Prime video.  These buttons did not function on my TV what-so-ever, and I subscribe to all three of these services.

So, at this point, I am still using one remote and pretty much resigned to the fact that’s all I will be able to do.  I hope this experience may help a few of you trying to do the same thing I am.

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