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At my wits end: G7 Odyssey 32 Inch

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Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to the community because I’m at my wit’s end with my Samsung G7 Odyssey 32" curved monitor. I’ve had it since September 2023, and it worked perfectly until this month. Recently, it started turning off randomly without any warning or response from the menu, this isn't flicking we are talking turned off for a good 5-10 minutes.

Here’s what I’ve tried and observed so far:

  1. Behaviour:

    • The monitor turns off randomly.
    • Sometimes, it doesn’t turn back on immediately after unplugging and plugging it back in. Including, turning it off at the wall and back on. I have to leave it 2 minutes turned off before turning back on.
    • On some days, it works fine all day, while on other days, it happens multiple times.
  2. My Initial Thoughts:

    • I suspected overheating, so I pointed every fan I have towards it. However, the issue persists regardless.
  3. Connections and Settings:

    • Using an RTX 4070 Ti with a 1.4 DisplayPort cable.
    • Replaced the cable with a brand new one—issue remains.
    • Played around with various settings:
      • Turned variable refresh rate off and on.
      • Adjusted adaptive sync and local dimming.
      • Changed refresh rates (144Hz, 240Hz, 120Hz, 60Hz). It seems to last longer at 60Hz, but I’m not sure.
  4. Additional Steps:

    • Updated to the latest firmware from Samsung’s website.
    • Reset my graphics card completely.
    • Turned off G-Sync and adaptive sync.

Problem: I can’t RMA the monitor due to physical damage (chipped casing and damaged cable cover). I’ve tried everything I can think of, and I’m still facing this random shut-off issue.

Request: Has anyone experienced similar issues or have any suggestions on what else I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any advice or support you can offer.

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Monitors and Memory
Another idea-have you tried messing with where the cables are plugged? If the monitor is plugged into a bad outlet, that could be it. I have no clue what your cable setup is, but that could be the cause.