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Monitor does not turn off when Windows 11 is on lock screen

(Topic created: 05-11-2024 01:28 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I recently bought a new 32" Odyssey G3 monitor (S32AG320NNXZA). I'm using Windows 11 and when the screen in locked, the monitor goes black, but the backlight doesn't turn off.

I also have a 27" LS27AG30 plugged into the same machine, and the backlight turns off normally when Windows is locked. I expect these two monitors to behave similarly. I've tried switching cables, and I've also tried switching display ports.

I looked for updated firmware for the S32AG320NN, but I already have the latest, which is MJE-G3232AGLA-1003.0. I tried to update it anyway, but it won't let me.

It's hooked up to my NVIDIA GPU using a DisplayPort cable. When I tried switching it to an HDMI cable, it was even worse. Instead of turning off when Windows locks, it says "no signal".

Furthermore, when I put the computer to sleep, the 32" monitor switches back and forth between DisplayPort input and HDMI input 3 or 4 times before it shuts off. There's nothing plugged into the HDMI port on the monitor and source detection is set to "Manual", so it shouldn't be switching at all. The 27" monitor simply shuts off as expected.

I feel that this is a firmware issue, and the monitor is not treating sleep correctly, and not treating source detection correctly.

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