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Samsung Odyssey Display port don't allow access to bios and turns on slow



Hope I could get some help explaining what is wrong.


Firstly the Samsung Odyssey don't support many USB-drives for updating firmware, but I got that fixed. Tested 4 different USB-drives, 2.0 USB worked for me.


Then I had an weird issue with I can't get into BIOS when I startup the pc, while using display port. The screen don't show an picture before I get into windows or the user login. But even when I press the right buttom on the keyboard for access to BIOS it blocks/skips it somehow.

Then I tested using HDMI instead of DP and the problem was solved. Except HDMI don't support 240hz.

It really starts slow while using the display port, maybe that is the issue?


Does anyone have/had this problem and know what causes it?


Info about my setup:

Firmware version on Odyssey 1007.1

Asus z490-e motherboard

Asus gtx 1070 strix oc