Calling All Gamers



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Whether you’re like me and constantly get stuck in tough dungeon mazes, want to share your thoughts on a new game in your rotation, or just want to humbly brag about your latest achievement, we’ve got the group for you. If you’re into gaming, it’s definitely worth checking out.


Head here and join the conversation.


Some quick do’s and don’ts for the group:



  • Join conversations with topics you’re familiar with or interested in.
  • Guide others to threads that might interest them.
  • Make sure the pictures, screenshots, and videos you’re posting fit the thread.
  • Be courteous of other users.
  • Each user is on their own level.
  • Report spam or scammers.



  • Post illegal gaming tips or hacks. Sorry not sorry, it’s the law.
  • Share imagery without proper credit to the originator.
  • Post comments or with inappropriate language or discrimination.
  • Put down others’ accomplishments. Play nice.
  • Post any solicitations or advertisements.


And most importantly GLHF! I hope to see you all there!