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Community Changes / Reporting Spam

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, everyone. 

Our admins are working on some improvements to our community that could also assist us in preventing some of the incoming spam. Please note as these improvements occur, some features that you may have had access to previously may be removed or altered. If you need any assistance at all with posting, please feel free to reach out to our moderators, we're always here for you! 

Samsung Community Team



Do you see something that looks suspicious or like Spam behavior? Please help our moderators by reporting this to us! To report this content just choose the following options:

Option > Report Inappropriate Content




  • We ask that you please only report 1 spam post per profile. When any post is reported our moderators review the entire profile of the author of the reported post. Therefore, it’s not necessary to submit multiple reports for 1 specific user.
  • Please refrain from making posts regarding spam, as this contributes to the spam clean-up process. We sincerely appreciate all the feedback, but simply reporting the matter is the best way to help the Community!