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Community Manager
Community Manager

Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip

As the world’s first foldable glass smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip’s revolutionary form factor opens up a whole new world of mobile experiences, and gives you even more options to express yourself.


Check out the specs in the infogrphic and click here to read more. 




I honestly can't believe how far technology has came. I love living in this tech boom era. And I can't wait to pick up my own foldable device soon!


I love this new Z Flip phone. Looks like Samsung may have really figured out the folding issue. Now if they could add a stylus it would be perfect!


02/23 Update - After dealing with eight (yes, 8) different representatives (all very patient and wanting to solve my issue), forwarding these picks three times, and providing my Samsung Order Number twice (yes, the Samsung reps didn't have my Samsung Order Number...), I got my refund on 2/20.  


My guess (with ZERO facts), maybe cold weather/wearhouse/truck made the screen brittle.   Maybe, I'll turn on the phone and let the screen warm up a bit before folding...


Original Post:

I just folded my phone for the first time.  While I anticipated an "bump" at the crease, should I be  concerned that the crease looks like (to me) both spider web cracking and screen bubbles?  Fortunately (for now), no visible dead pixels.


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

I recommend reaching out to our Galaxy Z Premier Service, they can be reached at 888-970-3653.


I have the z flip and love it so far.  Samsung HAS to update the phone so we can have the small external display  be an "always on" function.  There's no way to see if you missed notifications without waking the little screen up.  So annoying!


Very interesting design


I have the z flip and love it up until now. Samsung HAS to refresh the telephone so we can have the little outside showcase be a "consistently on" work. It is highly unlikely to check whether you missed warnings without awakening the little screen. So irritating!