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[OFFICIAL] ONE UI 5: All-NEW Reminder App Features!

Samsung Dusty
Samsung Employee

Hello Community Members!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new Reminder app. Last time, we introduced the changes made to the Reminder list screen. Today, we’ll be talking about the automatically sorted categories!

If you go to the “Navigation menu” of the Reminder app, you can check your reminder items by categorizing them into automatically sorted categories and user-created categories. The automatically sorted categories are divided into “Today/Scheduled/Important/Completed” according to the properties of the reminder.


The “Today” category is a new category provided through this update, which makes it easier to check what you need to get done today at a glance. Check the total number of reminders to be completed today and the number of remaining reminders at the top of the main screen of the Reminder app. You can also see them at a glance by selecting the “Today” category from the “Select category”


Reminders with scheduled time can be viewed together in the “Scheduled” category. Check the tasks you’ve been procrastinating on, as well as upcoming events.


You can now create reminders in the “Today/Scheduled/Important” categories among the automatically sorted categories. When creating a reminder, items corresponding to each category’s properties are input automatically. When creating reminders in the “Today/Scheduled” category, today’s date is input automatically in the Time.


When creating reminders in the “Important” category, the important (yellow starred) items are pre-selected, allowing you to create reminders more quickly.


Today was an introduction to the automatically sorted categories in the Reminder.  We'll be back next time with more useful information, so stay tuned!