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[OFFICIAL] Samsung Secure WIFI Promotional Benefits

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Hello Samsung Community, 

We’re providing promotional benefits on Secure Wi-Fi for users of the newly released Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4.

We’d like to share the details, so that more users can receive the Secure Wi-Fi promotional benefits and keep their personal information safer!

What are the promotional benefits for Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4 users?

Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4 users can now use the paid Secure Wi-Fi feature free of charge for 6 months after starting their free trial.

Users can receive these benefits easily without having to go through any additional procedures, such as registering a method of payment.

If you’ve enabled Secure Wi-Fi, follow the method below to start your free trial.

- Run the Secure Wi-Fi app > Protection plan > Start free trial > Pop-up (details on starting the free trial and automatic termination after 6 months) > Free trial start

* Promotional benefits can be received until December 31, 2022.

* Secure Wi-Fi is a service that protects your personal information and data using encryption technology when you connect to Wi-Fi. It is not a service that provides free Wi-Fi.

* The 6-month free benefit will end automatically once the 6 months are up, so users do not need to manually cancel.

When do I use Secure Wi-Fi?

Secure Wi-Fi is a service that helps secure your network activity when you connect to Wi-Fi in your everyday life.

You probably often connect to public Wi-Fi in various places including airports, cafes, hotels, and other places you visit a lot.

When you connect to public Wi-Fi, you may be concerned about your personal information being hacked or leaked.

If your personal information is leaked, you can become a target of various financial crimes and voice phishing, so keeping it secure is important.

How to run Secure Wi-Fi?

Unlocked: Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Wi-Fi

Carrier: Search “Secure Wi-Fi” in the Galaxy Store and download

* Secure Wi-Fi does not collect, utilize, or monitor your encrypted data.

What kind of features does Secure Wi-Fi have?

Status of network protection check and ON/OFF feature

Check the current status of network protection and set the status of network protection through the ON/OFF button.


Auto protect Wi-Fi

When you enable “Auto protect Wi-Fi”, the feature determines the type of security of the Wi-Fi you’re connected to and whether you’re in a public place or not.

If it determines that the Wi-Fi is relatively unsecure or if you’re in a public place, the Wi-Fi is automatically protected.


Enhanced privacy protection

With the enhanced privacy protection feature, no one, including service provider Samsung Electronics, can infer the sites or details of services you’ve visited.

Enable the enhanced privacy feature by following the path below.

* This feature is only available to paid users (including users on the 6-month free trial for users with promotional benefits).


In addition to this, Secure Wi-Fi provides a variety of features such as Protection activity/Trusted Wi-Fi networks/Protected apps, etc. to meet the different needs of users.

Is Secure Wi-Fi a paid service?

It can be used free of charge to a limited extent. However, by purchasing the paid service, you can use Secure Wi-Fi without a limit on the capacity of protection, and you can use the additional features specializing in personal information protection.

For Galaxy devices with Android version 12 or higher, 1GB of protection is provided for free every month, and paid products are also available for users who need more protection.

* The Secure Wi-Fi service may not be available for some models. For inquiries, please contact

Also, the “Free Trial” products are provided once per Samsung account, so you can try these paid products that have no limit on the capacity of protection for free for 1 month. As a promotional benefit, users of the newly released Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4 can try a 6-month free trial as well as all of the additional 1-month “Free Trial” products.

 * Promotional benefits for Galaxy Z Fold 4/Galaxy Z Flip 4 users

Use Wi-Fi safely with Secure Wi-Fi.

Thank you.