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Samsung Blockchain Wallet Integrates With Gemini

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We are excited to announce that Samsung Blockchain is partnering with Gemini to enhance the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. This integration will help bring a hands-on crypto experience to Samsung Blockchain Wallet users in the United States and Canada.*


By connecting their Samsung Blockchain Wallet app to Gemini mobile app, users can buy and sell crypto and view their Gemini account balances at a glance, in one central location. This integration allows users to transfer their crypto assets between Samsung Blockchain Wallet and Gemini with ease.


How to Set up: 


1. Open the Samsung Blockchain Wallet, tap 'Exchange' 

2. Tap ‘Link to Gemini’ to start Exchange integration




3. Sign in to Gemini application 

4. Once your Gemini account is linked to Samsung Blockchain Wallet, you can view your account balances with the Gemini app




Making a Deposit (Samsung Blockchain Wallet to Gemini Account)


1. Tap 'Deposit' located below the crypto you want to transfer
2. Check the Gemini receiving address and enter the transfer amount




3. Choose the transfer fee
4. Confirm transaction, and the transfer process is complete




Making a Withdrawal (Gemini Account to Samsung Blockchain Wallet)


1. Tap 'Withdraw' located below the crypto you want to transfer

2. Check the receiving address from Samsung Blockchain Wallet




3. Enter your PIN on the Gemini application
4. Enter transfer amount




5. Transfer process is complete






 1. Tap 'Trade' located below the crypto you want to trade
2. Now you can trade crypto from the Gemini app




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*Supported Device :Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10 Series, Galaxy Fold,Galaxy S10 series(S10 Lite is only available on U.S open device). Verizon excluded.