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BUG: TV volume display too large

(Topic created: 05-05-2024 04:18 PM)
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Compared to other TVs I have owned, the Samsung TV’s volume indicator overlay is incorrectly sized and incorrectly positioned. It cannot be intended behavior to cover a third of the screen with the name of my audio output device.

When watching TV, it is very common to reach for the remote to boost quiet dialogue, or quiet a loud  action scene to avoid disturbing others, but doing so causes a major distraction as the Volume overlay covers a significant portion of the display’s central region  

I have found several duplicates of this issue in the forums leading back several years, so I can confirm that the problem is in the default UI, not an issue on my particular device.  

This is a major usability bug that is affecting my ability to recommend Samsung devices to friends and colleagues.  It makes the device feel “cheap” - a more premium device seems like it would have more elegant and subtle UI elements. 

The solution would be an alternate “Advanced” Volume display mode, where as small of an indicator as possible is overlayed in an out-of-the-way corner of the screen, where the person holding the remote knows where to look to confirm the volume level without distracting the rest of the viewers. This would help the UI feel more premium. 

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I agree with you that the Volume onscreen display is onerous at best, as we too find we have to fiddle with levels between programs and even in the same one sometimes.

But we don't see this unless I WANT TO, by using the Samsung remote. We have a Samsung soundbar HW-Q800B and mostly watch our AppleTV whereby its remote's volume controls only light the far right of the soundbar with a + or a -. I don't think Wife ever even notices when I do this.

Again, I agree with your point but observe there are ways around it.

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I agree 100%.

I can't believe Samsung has not fixed this yet. I have an older model and it doesn't do this. When I recently purchased a high end 75" UHD and saw this, I thought I must be missing someting...sadly I am not. This is SO ANNOYING. For me, I have a SONOS Sound Bar connected to the TV and the display is absolutely useless. It does nothing but tell me that it's connected to the Optical Receiver. This is UI/UX 101. If it doesn't add value, removed it. Why would you leave such a large distracting element that does nothing for the user experience?

I'm sure the fix is not difficult at all, and to have it lingering for as long as it has is beyond disheartning. I would not reccommend it to any of my friends since we all have soundbars and I would not want them to be as annoyed by it as I am. My wife can't believe it...

SAMSUNG...how long will it take for you to fix this!!!?

Projectors & Other TVs

Just set up my QN95 98” and it’s horrifying the size of volume symbol. 

my old Samsung tv didn’t display anything when I used my 990C sound bar, but with the new tv using both remotes it shows the volume bar on screen. 

any word of a fix?