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Q90T 85" Firmware HMDI 2.1 With Nvidia 3090 4k 120 broken

(Topic created: 05-09-2021 04:37 PM)
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Using latest firmware that the TV can find via its auto update of 1462 I have major issues running 4k 120Hz from an Nvidia 3090 running via HDMI directly to the HDMI 4 port with eArc to my audio system. My computer is fully updated, my Nvidia drivers are the latest. In order to get a 4k 120Hz option I must enable game mode. With this selected if I decide to go into a game, the majority will give me a no signal error on the TV, which I can sometimes fix by turning game mode on or off, but it's so finicky that even if that works it may just break again for no reason. Sometimes even just turning my TV on will result in no signal from my desktop. Along with just issues with the base 4k 120, if I even attempt to turn on variable refresh via g-sync, it flat out just freezes on screen and I have to do a driver reinstall with game mode off in order to wipe out the settings (fresh install) or else I can't even disable VRR from the desktop.
Effectively, 4k 120 is broken. Things I have tried:
- 4 different HDMI 2.1 certified HDMI cables.
- Different Nvidia drivers, latest and past.

- Manually setting color to 8 bit RGB from reading an Nvidia driver and Windows 10 issue with auto color settings.

- Turning game mode off, which works but looks to force it to HDMI 2.0, leaving me at 4k 60.

This all happened the second I thought it'd be a great idea to update the firmware on the TV to the latest... terrible decision evidently, and no way to go back to older firmware from what I can tell. Previously I wiped out network settings to not have the TV connect to the network, so no updates were applied to it before, now that I have updated, I wish to revert back, or have Samsung fix the firmware in another update. Only I do see a 1462.1, not sure if the .1 designates a newer version than the shown '1462' on the TV.... but manually downloading the 1.5GB file shows an estimated 24 hours for download (on a 400Mb/s down connection), which is ridiculously slow.

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