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Feature Request: Scrollable background and wallpaper, biometric lock for apps, keep Samsung Messages

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Hey samsung,

A main display feature request please; to be able to have the background scoll and move with the home screen, a scrollable and moving wallpaper, with inverse movement when scrolling would be great as well. 
It would just be a nice display feature to be able to see more of a wallpaper and give it a new feel and updated look. 
Please please samsung, I have asked for this for years and you could add it to Good Locke but I think this could be a main feature 🤔 

Wondering if you might be able to add the ability to put a lock on individual apps like messages or gallery apps. 
Biometrics or a pass code would be great outside of the secure folder, yes I do use it but it would be nice to lock apps outside it, the secure folder is for bigger apps like banking, important documents and such. It would just be a convenient addition. 
Also, seriously I'm begging you guys not to get rid of samsung messages, I love the way it's set up with the phone and all of it's great features and how it's set up with the themes we purchase. 
Please it would be such a shame if you guys did get rid of such a wonderful stock app and a big part of samsungs One UI. 
I use all of samsungs stock apps and always have, please keep it and update it for us samsung fans because we love it. ❤️ 
Thanks for listening samsung, have a super day and can't wait for unpacked in july 😊 
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I remember the older Samsung phones had that option, the Behold 2 did, Nova also has it, scrollable background
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I most definitely agree with the samsung messages please don't get rid of it
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Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.