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What is the Get Help Section?

(Topic created: 04-22-2021 03:24 PM)
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What is the Get Help Section all about? 


  • This section of the community is the most used resource for our Community members! Here you can ask technical inquiries regarding all your favorite Samsung products. 


  • We encourage our Users to interact with one another in a technical manner to help each other! If you have experiences with your own device that could assist with another user's posted concern, please feel free to share this with the original poster and add a comment or a like!  The more we help each other the better our Community can be, which requires a lot of participation from our amazing Community Members and Ambassadors! 

(Tip: Before posting make sure to read our guidelines and terms of service to insure your post is following the rules.)


  • Have an inquiry? We have different boards broken out by products within the Get Help section that you can post in. This helps organize inquiries, and can help you locate resolutions or tips and tricks for your Samsung product easier! 

(Tip: Make sure to perform a search for your inquiry as there may be someone else, that has already asked the question you have! )


Note: Some inquiries may require support from specialized teams. Here are those teams:

Sales/Order/Finance/Trade in: 1.855.726.8721 

Samsung Health / Samsung Account: 1-855-795-0509 

Premium Care: 1-866-371-9501 

Elite/Extended Warranty / Remote Support / Protection Plus: 1-800-726-7864



Guidelines: https://bit.ly/3knRNo4  and Terms of Service: https://bit.ly/2ZPzzT3

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