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A6 LIte tab

(Topic created: 04-12-2024 04:37 PM)
Cosmic Ray

Had an earlier 8" tab and it worked great but was eventually outclassed. Got an A6 Lite and that was ok except for battery life and weight. A little big so I thought I'd go back to an 8" A7 Lite because that was easier to carry around.

What a mistake!! The A7 Lite is the worst tab I've ever had and that includes the Kindle! Samsung keyboard doesn't work right, it freezes, random words pop up when I'm typing on the Samsung keyboard, it will jump from site to site for no reason, etc. Overall the performance is like a Jimmies Tabs n' Stuff product would put out! A waste of money, though a very small amount of money, which was the only plus. Yeah, I know... you get what you pay for. But Samsung shouldn't put out cheap products! It's embarassing for them, though you couldn't tell that from their product support. Thats pretty bad too! And the tab is bad.

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