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Tablet with narcolepsy

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Suddenly, switching back and forth between apps requires the reassembly of the page or pages that I was using a few seconds ago.


As a worst case scenario, I'll have a Word document open that requires a password and I will switch to my browser to view a page and the page this isn't instantly where it was a couple minutes ago, but it takes seven or eight seconds for the tablet to reload the page.


Then when I go back to the Word document it has closed and I have to reopen it and retype out the password. All of which is extremely annoying, as you could well imagine.


My system analysis app shows that of my 4 gigabytes of RAM, 55 to 60% is usually being utilized. so I'm not running out of RAM. 


I've got 5 gigabytes of free memory. 


Probably a coincidence but this occurred soon after downloading the Samsung file manager, and yet on this tablet you can't uninstall it, (and I know that that doesn't seem to make sense).


I am wondering whether it's a software or a hardware issue and how to fix it, perhaps with a factory reset. 


The OS is current with recent update offerings. 


Any advice would be appreciated.

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