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Samsung Galaxy Camera 101 Vol.2 : Mastering the Essentials

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 Samsung Galaxy Camera 101 Vol.2 :

Mastering the Essentials



#1 Shooting without shaking


“Perfect Now if only someone could just click the shutter!”

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You got the shot all ready to go but need someone else to snap it! No worries. These two remote shooting methods will have you off shooting hands free in no time!


1. Your Voice and Palm Are in Control

Clicking the shutter is as easy as saying “smile” or “cheese”. Or, if you need to get everyone in for a wide-angle shot, or short-form challenge video, use your palm.


How to> Camera > Tap ‘Camera settings’ > ‘Shooting methods’ > Activate ‘Voice commands’ or  ‘Show palm’

*Actual UI/UX may different.


2. Top 3 Shooting Tips with Galaxy Wearables and S Pen

Using my Galaxy Watch, Buds, or S Pen to shoot remotely? That’s right. Now get out there and shoot amazing!


How to>

  1. Galaxy Watch: ‘Camera Controller’ > Camera will automatically launch on your connected phone.
  2. S Pen: ‘Settings’ > ‘Advanced features’ > ‘S Pen’ > Activate ‘Air action’
  3. Galaxy Buds: ‘Wearable’> ‘Earbuds settings’ > Activate ‘Bixby voice wake-up’ > Call with Bixby by saying “Hi, Bixby” and snap a photo

*Device compatibility may vary because this content was originally developed for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Watch6. Availability of the features, including the Camera Controller app may vary depending on the region/country, OS/One UL version, and device model. *Sequences simulated and actual UI may be different. *Actual UI/UX may different.




#2 Shoot sensibly with Intelligent features

Give your photographic abilities the upper hand with these smart features.

Or turn your camera into a scanner with 'Scan documents and text' and get expert shot suggestions for perfect photos.

Capture, scan, and create with ease.


*Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

1. Your very own scanner in the palm of your hand.


In a pinch and need to scan on the move? Simply use ‘Scan document and text’ to get it done in a flash. You can even remove shadows and unwanted objects.


How to>

  1. Save scanned image on the preview
    Preview screen > Activate T button > Text extractor screen > Tab icon1.png> Save 
  1. Manually specify a document area and save
    Text extractor screen > Tabicon2.png  > Select the document area > Save

spark.pngIf you want to remove fingers from the frame, activate ‘Remove unwanted objects’. 

*To use this feature, you must activate ‘Scan documents and text’ in ‘Camera settings’. 

*Actual UI/UX may different.


2. Your trusty assistant whenever you need

When in doubt of the best angle, simply ask Samsung Galaxy camera. Activate 'Shot suggestions' and align the ‘Best shot’ circle in the center of the screen. When it turns yellow, you are ready to capture the best shot!


How to> ‘Camera settings’ > Activate ‘Shot suggestions’ in ‘Intelligent features’

*Actual UI/UX may different.




(spark.pngTips!) Make it mine with watermarking

Did you just snap an Instagram-worthy frame? Maybe it’d be best to watermark it before uploading to let others know just who snapped that masterpiece.


How to>

‘Camera settings’ > Activate ‘Watermark’ > ‘Set Info to show’ and ‘Style’

*Actual UI/UX may different.



Shoot freely, scan seamlessly. Come discover the lengthy list of helpful features with the Samsung Galaxy camera and let your creativity truly shine!


*Device compatibility may vary because this content was originally developed for Galaxy S24 Ultra (Android version 14, One UI version 6.1). Availability of the features and user interfaces may vary depending on the region/country, OS/One UI version, device model, and phone carrier. Subject to change without notification.

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