Samsung Community: General Guidelines

Community Manager
Community Manager

The Important Stuff 

  • Respect the Admins.They are here to help you and the Galaxy users. Be nice and engage politely; we are here to help and want to help, so follow the rules and respect everyone involved.  
  • Be courteous to other users.This is a forum to support and learn from each other, so keep all comments and engagements civil and supportive.   
  • Find the right place. We have 3 sections for you to make the most of your time here: 
  • Welcome to the Community
    • Learn about the latest and greatest announcements from Samsung while checking out the top conversations happening around the community.
  • Get Help:
    • Find resources for troubleshooting and technical support. Keep all support-related questions here so you get the answers you need. 
  • Groups: 
    • Join these exclusive Galaxy groups to meet the people who care about the same things you do. Whether you’re a creator or a gamer, these groups are here for you to connect with other members, show off your accomplishments and tips, ask questions, and learn new ways to do what you love. 
  • Explore and Engage.
    • Upload your photos, videos, quotes, personal or professional whatever suits you and the thread. Engage with other members and let us know what’s helpful and working for you.  


How to Play:  

  • Navigation: 
    • Customer Service:For all technical issues, questions, or concerns, check out and submit in the “Get Help” tab. “Get Set Up” and “Groups” are for interacting with peers and gaining Samsung insider knowledge.
      • Please note that as this is a US based forum, we can only support US models. If you are from or got your device in another country, please contact your local support team for assistance.
    • Groups:Compare tips and tricks or share your proudest moments, this is your place to grow and shine. The Samsung Community forum have all types of threads for one-off comments or questions as well as groups to help you connect with other users that have similar interests as you.  
  • Participation:
    • Make Your Mark:If you don’t see a group or thread that encompasses what you use Galaxy products for or want to learn about POST ONE. This community is here for you to learn and maybe show off a little. This is your go-to Galaxy spot, so make the most of it.  
    • Uploading: Photos and videos are a big part of most categories. If you need help learning how to upload, check out the steps
    • Levels: Your level name will tell other members how versed you are in Samsung products and how connected you are in the community. Levels are going away for a little bit but will be back soon. In the meantime, you can still gain credit by posting discussions and participating in threads.
    • Tags: Tags are there to make your experience easier by labeling specific subjects. This will help our moderators get you the answers you need. Tags vary across categories, and some will require tags in order to post.
        • Get Help: Tags in this category are mandatory and are classified by:
        • Groups: Tags are highly encouraged for this category. They will help you and your fellow Community members explore and add to more conversations.
    • Topics:
      • Topics are there to help members see what’s popular and connect with other members with the same devices and/or interests.


Hard Rules: 

 Use of the Community is governed by the following:

  • The Samsung Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”);
  • The Samsung Account Terms and Conditions (the “Account Terms”);
  • The Community Guidelines (the “Community Guidelines”; these Community Terms, The Legal Terms, The Privacy Policy, The Account Terms and the Community Guidelines together as the “T&Cs”).
    • In order to make posts to the Community, you must have or create an account (an “Account”). To do so, create an account or authorize one of your other social media accounts here: Accounts are governed by the Account Terms as well as all applicable parts of the T&Cs.
    • See full Terms here.
  • Spam: We don’t like it on our devices or our forums, so keep it out. We will delete and regulate and spam or spam-like content.   
    • Spam is specified as: posting or messaging repeatedly/excessively on one or more boards. Excessive duplicate posting, posts designed to advertise or otherwise disrupt the purpose of the forum.  
  • Illegal Activities:Tips and tricks are always welcomed, but if it goes against any laws or agreements, we’ll have to take it down. Make sure your posts are safe for all and yourself before posting.  
  • Discrimination and Shaming:As we’ve said, and will keep saying, this is a place for support and learning, so there is no room for any hate against any other member or community of people.  
  • Security:This is a public forum, so anything you post can be subject to public knowledge. As we said, we do regulate all spam so you and your devices are not at risk but be sure to practice due diligence before clicking anything that might seem suspicious. You can flag any comment that you feel might put members at risk at any time. 
  • Hate Speech/Profanity: You may not use profanity or hate speech in the Community or your username. 
  • Username: You may not impersonate a Samsung employee, moderator, or admin on Community. 
  • Politics: Even if it's relevant, we encourage everyone to stay away from political discussions.