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Optimal A/V switching

(Topic created: 07-25-2022 03:40 PM)
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So I purchased a Samsung qn70a60aavxza a few months back, upgrading from a non-smart tv. Since then, I've been struggling to get this tv to pair in a proper manner with my A/V system. The functionality is a mess, as it feels now.

Run down of the setup:
Samsung TV (3 HDMI inputs)

Sony 7.2 A/V (4 HDMI inputs + composites&more)

3 HDMI gaming consoles, 1 Firestick HDMI, 1 composite console.


With this setup, I'd like to be able to control my volume with my Samsung TV remote, which is obviously possible with the HDMI ARC port, but then limits me to 2 HDMI and nothing more. Originally I had all of my devices plugging into the A/V inputs and the HDMI-Out sent to the previous TV. All worked perfectly. Now I have the issue that the Samsung TV/Hub makes a complicated mess of that. With that setup on the Samsung, the TV will randomly turn on and off one of the consoles attached through the A/V. Whichever one, depends on the day and constant bouncing back and forth between channels and controllers to get everything communicating.


I'm just need what the answer is to switching through an A/V properly with this TV. Is it even possible now with TV's using their own app overlays?



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4K, 8K and Other TVs

Go into settings > General > Smart Features > Turn off "Autorun Smart Hub". Now when you turn on your TV it should go straight into whatever device is turned on, connected to your A/V receiver.