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Samsung Galaxy A52 audio issue

(Topic created: 04-23-2024 05:52 PM)
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I have had a Samsung Galaxy A52 for a while, but didn't see this issue until around a month ago.  Whenever I miss a call on the Facebook Messenger app (audio or video call), the audio sounds like it's in-call quality when I subsequently connect to my Bluetooth headphones.  Like if I play a song on Spotify, it sounds like it would if I called someone and they played that song on the other line.  If I connect to my car via Bluetooth (Elantra), then the screen opens as if I am in a call, which I have to end before I can listen to the audio that was playing before I started the car.  Finally, the alarm on my Clock app is much quieter, making a different noise that usually doesn't wake me up.

If I restart my phone, it goes back to normal, but this happens every time I miss a call on Messenger.   Closing the Messenger app doesn't work.  Any idea why Bluetooth and alarm audio is affected in this way after a missed Messenger call?

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