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Check It Out: Creating with the S Pen and Galaxy Note10

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The new Galaxy Note10 and S Pen are full of features that can take your creating to the next level. Here’s a rundown of some of the features that I love: 


  • AR Doodle: This new feature is so fun! You can use your S Pen and camera to create a 3D drawing in your space. It will track your movements and creates a really cool effect.  
  • Samsung Notes: If you like the jot down notes and thoughts as they come this feature is great. It will instantly turn your handwriting into text making it easy to organize and share your thoughts. 
  • Power of Design:  The Galaxy Note10's  nearly bezel-less Infinity-O Display gives expansive canvas for your S Pen in a slim, balanced form with a cinematic AMOLED+ screen to elevate whatever you’re creating. 


But, let’s not forget our friend PENUP! It’s still one of my favorite apps for creating. Share the things you’re making with your Galaxy Note10 in the comments.  


Never stop making.  



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