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Gear 360 still works SOLID! This is the result -

(Topic created: 09-29-2022 02:35 PM)

Hi, My name is Minye, and I am a producer at Ambience Studio, inc.

So has anybody wondered why you can't find any posts of the Gear 360 camera after 2017?

We shot a music video with the product recently!
I was skeptical about the gear 360 because we haven't seen any posts after 2018. However, we shot our shot, and the result came out great.

So now we are working on the post-production to make it look even better, such as VFX and 3D artwork.

Check out these stills and let me know what you think.

I thought it would've been better if we did a kind of partnership or something with Samsung since we used their product and the result came out really great.
There are a lot of bad reviews about the product! 
I think this project approves that the Samsung gear 360 still works well even though they decided to support the product until 2023. But there are people out there who still consider using it. like us. Do you know what I mean?

So do you guys know any info about their marketing/PR team that would be interested in creating content using their products? Any thoughts?



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Looks great! I had a Gear 360 myself but it ceased to function correctly a few years back. I hope they will release another 360 device at some point in the future 🙏