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How-To: Fire Up Your Best BBQ Pics

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Cosmic Ray

Summer is in full swing and for me that means spending as much time as possible outside. My friends and I love to BBQ on the weekends and I’m always the dedicated photographer. Personally, I’m shooting with the Galaxy S10, but here are some tips from Hannah Harley (@hanharley) that can ensure that you document your BBQ in all its glory, no matter which Samsung device you’re using.  


  • Composition: To create balance using grid lines, consider proportions and rule of thirds when taking your shots. 
  • Planning: Consider your surroundings and your light sources, then find creative ways to elevate your subjects. 
  • Lighting: Use light to create drama, bringing the subject of your photos to life. 
  • Food Mode: Focus on what matters. Get the details when taking photos of your food and blur out everything else. 
  • Dual Aperture: For best results in lowlight, set aperture at F1.5 to let in more light. 


What do you think? Check out more of Hannah’s pics in our Summer Stories on Instagram!  




Summer on!  


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