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Bugs and inconsistencies list: Beta 2

(Topic created: 09-02-2023 04:45 AM)
One UI 6 Beta 2 is here! This update fixed a few bugs that I listed in my previous post. After messing around with the new beta build, I've found a few new bugs, and I'm going to list them here. Some of the bugs from my previous post haven't been resolved yet, and I don't want to repeat everything that was listed there, so I'll only list the new and important bugs that I found here.

Lock screen and always on display
  • Swiping to open the camera from the lock screen will sometimes not open the camera and bring you right back to the lock screen
  • Moving the clock's position has now been fixed, but when going to edit the lock screen again, in the editing menu, it doesn't remember clock's current position
  • Swiping on a shortcut (for instance, the camera shortcut) and then quickly swiping anywhere else will freeze the animation, show the "enter pin" menu, and then shortly open the app (if no unlock is required)
  • Quickly locking and then waking the phone can cause some short animation stuttering
  • When you're in the lock screen widgets menu, if always on display is enabled, turning off the phone will break the clock's smooth transition animation
  • Exiting an app (for instance, the camera app) from the lock screen has no animation, it just takes you back to the lock screen instantly
  • If you have Samsung Wallet quick access enabled on the lock screen, and you swipe up and hold on it, it will make a short haptic feedback and then cancel the swipe (perhaps the software thinks you're trying to do the "recent apps menu" gesture)
  • Always on display animation will sometimes lag
  • When the phone is locked, after taking a picture in the camera app, tapping on the picture preview will glitch and show the lock screen for a split second, and then show you the picture you took, while also glitching the normal animation
  • You can't swipe down to exit the picture preview in the camera app when the phone is locked, you have to use the back gesture/button
Home screen and navigation
  • Tapping and holding on an empty space on the home screen and swiping through the page editor is glitchy
  • Tapping and holding to move a home screen page has no haptic feedback anymore
  • The app drawer settings button (on the search bar) uses a black font even when dark mode is enabled
The font color should be white when dark mode is on.
  • Apps and widgets on the home screen can be dragged and dropped onto apps (possibly an unintended side effect of being able to drag and drop text and other media onto apps with two hands)
I am dragging the camera app from the home screen onto the settings app. Releasing it won't do anything, but it feels like this isn't intended.
  • Magnifier widget looks slightly inconsistent from apps (since the magnifier is classified as a widget, it looks slightly different from apps and behaves a bit differently, but can only really be noticed upon close inspection)
Magnifier looks ever so slightly inconsistent with the other apps. It's classified as a widget rather than an app.
  • After exiting an app, there is about a half-second delay to when you can open an app again, which could slow down navigation
  • There is no haptic feedback for moving an app or widget anymore
  • Quickly swiping through stack widgets is sometimes buggy
  • Stack widget swiping animation has different speeds depending on the size of the stack (a 2x2 stack has a faster swiping animation than a 4x2 stack)
  • Some animations have been slightly improved, but they are still very buggy and stuttering
  • In the app drawer, the "stretch" animation for reaching the end of the page doesn't work properly when swiping too often
  • Some widget animations shift towards the top left corner when opening
  • When moving an app or widget around on the home screen, the animation for other apps and widgets being pushed is buggy
  • The animation for removing a widget is slightly faster than the animation for removing an app
  • Animation for swiping right to get to your last used app is slightly buggy
  • Animation for exiting an app is buggy sometimes
  • Animation for exiting the app drawer is buggy when swiping up and down quickly
  • Predictive back animation is sometimes buggy, especially when swiping quickly
  • Picture in picture animation is buggy and feels a bit stiff
  • Animation for opening an app in split screen/pop mode is glitchy
  • Some Good Lock modules are glitchy and don't work properly
  • When opening the Weather app (not from the widget), the app's splash screen is full black/white, depending on if you use light/dark mode
  • Good Lock's dark theme isn't fully black
  • Some apps, such as Samsung Members, Galaxy Wearable, and Secure Folder take about a second longer to open than other apps
  • Camera app is sometimes slow
  • Camera lens switching and zooming animation isn't as smooth as before
  • Switching camera modes is sometimes slow and stutters
  • Link to Windows will sometimes randomly disconnect and not automatically reconnect
  • Galaxy Wearable watch settings menu is inconsistent with the phone's settings menu
Phone settings menu.

Watch settings menu In Galaxy Wearable.
  • In the Notes app, tapping on the button to create a new note will sometimes open the note behind the button instead
  • Weather app has a new widget called "Weather news", but placing it on the home screen shows text that says "Update app", and tapping on it will take you to the Galaxy Store, then show an error message
New Weather widget in the widgets menu.

How it shows up on the home screen.

After tapping on the widget.
  • In the My Files app, tapping and dragging to quickly select multiple files doesn't work anymore
Notifications and quick settings panel
  • The "stretch" animation for the notification panel from Beta 1 is gone, not sure if this was intentional
  • If you have a VPN enabled (or if there's something else showing a message at the bottom of the quick panel) and you use button navigations (or if the keyboard is present) you have to swipe down a bit to exit the quick panel
  • The VPN message instantly appears when the quick panel is expanded, there is no smooth fade-in effect on it
  • Adjusting the brightness while adaptive brightness is currently changing the brightness causes visual glitching to the brightness slider
  • Tapping on the brightness details menu in the notifications menu (not the expanded quick settings panel) causes the animation to be bugged when exiting it
  • Swiping up to hide a newly arrived notification causes a buggy animation
  • Swiping down on a newly arrived notification to view it also has a buggy animation
  • Animation for expanding/collapsing some notifications is buggy
Group notification expanding/collapsing animation is buggy. This also applies to some other notifications.
  • Notifications now show their home screen app icons in the notification menu, but some system notifications still use the old style icons, which makes them look inconsistent. Grouped notification icons are also glitched, possibly because of this change
The test notification from Modes and Routines shows the app icon with its normal shape. The charging notification is using the old style icon with a circle shape.

Group notifications don't have a shape, it's just the icon. All of these notification icons look different from each other, it looks very inconsistent.
  • Haptic feedback for swiping left/right to clear a notification doesn't play unless you swipe far enough (lightly swiping doesn't give the haptic feedback)
  • Some apps and other elements don't use the new font
  • Some elements of the UI use different shades of gray when dark mode is on
  • Cell service has been buggy and sometimes doesn't work for me, a few days after I updated to One UI 6 Beta
  • RCS sometimes doesn't work
  • Charging animation is sometimes laggy
Those are the bugs I found in Beta 2. While the software is still pretty buggy, it's a bit more usable now compared to Beta 1. It's nice that a few of the bugs from my previous post were fixed in this update. I try to find every single small bug that I can find, because I want the stable release to be as smooth as it can be.
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New Bugs , phone is freezing when trying to open an app .
Wow, thats a heck of a list you have there. I on the other hand am not experiencing almost all these bugs. I have noticed the dark fonts in the app drawer settings menu and also in Facebook at times under a post where it says who liked the post. When in video mode, after zooming in or out and i press the resolution button at the top, it pops up briefly then disappears. Second click works and continue to work fine till zoom in or out then error is reproduced. Battery life seems to be worse on beta 2 (also using 120hz display) and the device is still using a lot of ram which causes lag in touch UI despite having extended ram plus turned on. Other then that, im running great.

Edit, one other bug i forgot is that the mic and ear speaker is a bit low, especially the mic. Screenshot_20230902_084449_Facebook.jpg
Wow! Send to Samsung!
Oh i did 😁 i report all bugs before posting about them 💪
This is what is called a report. I've not noticed most to all of these. Highlight the word notice however. I'm splitting time on my S23 and iPad Air, prepping to become a music creator, branching from my Church Livestream use of Studio One Artist 6.2 DAW.

Short answer, beta 2 is ok here as far as I noticed. Hope your bugs get the Raid treatment.
Excellent list. I just got on beta 2 yesterday and still slowly getting acclimated.
Beta Moderator

Thank you for your Feedback and for reporting issues.

We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

One UI Beta Team


Another bug is the "studio" app for editing videos from the gallery crashes every time you try to save an edited video. The file it leaves behind becomes corrupt.