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My Files Network Storage not working - Cannot download necessary app from Galaxy Store (Network Manager missing?)

(Topic created: 04-13-2024 10:16 PM)
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I migrated from a Note 9 to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 - everything seems to work mostly except for My Files.

When I click on 'Network Storage,' My Files says something like 'Opening Galaxy Store to Download Necessary App,' then it displays an error like 'App Cannot Be Found.'

I narrowed it down to the missing Network Manager plug-in - so how do I download the Network Manager component? I found a 3rd-party APK (Network Storage Manager on APK Mirror, which resolved the issue, but I would much prefer to download the latest and official version of this APK.

Why is My Files having trouble downloading the proper Network Manager plug-in? Could it be related to the One UI 6.0/6.1 update and apps not being updated to the latest release?"

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I just tried the same and it updated the Network Storage Manager. Based on version number I'm guessing it is the same one that you downloaded via APK. Here is the link to it in the Galaxy Store https://apps.samsung.com/appquery/appDetail.as?appId=com.samsung.android.app.networkstoragemanager&c...
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Excellent! I tried to make understand to Samsung's support to solve this problem but they twisted the solving procedure and ultimately failed. Here I've done by tapping this link.