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Samsung Care+ Zfold 4 replacement

(Topic created: 04-10-2024 06:45 PM)
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My experience with my Z Fold 4 phone replacement last week went very well. 👍 There was a problem with the hinge, and the phone would no longer open fully. 😱 Even though I have a rider on my home insurance policy to cover my phone and electronics, it would have taken several days. :hourglass_done:️ I filed a claim in the morning, and the next afternoon, I had a refurbished one in my hands that even matched the exclusive Samsung Direct Burgundy color. 😍 I then proceeded to transfer all 320 GB of data from my old phone. :mobile_phone_with_arrow: Smart Switch made the process quick and easy. 👍 I'm hoping the soon-to-be-announced Z Fold 6 will be dustproof, so when I upgrade, I don't have to go through this again. 🤞
Kudos to Samsung's service and their promptness in getting my phone replaced. 👏


And a big thanks to the new UI 6.1 for re-writing and creating this emoji filled post from my Samsung Note on my S9 tablet! 
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This great to hear that it only took a day to get your replacement

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