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Batch for Samsung Experience Services

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e.

After installing the One UI2 update (update from Android 9 to Android 10) three errors occured:

1) Message: Sim card not detected

2) Message: IMS Services stopped working

3) Message: Samsung Experience Services stopped working

I then applied the following fix:

1) Reset app preferences

2) Clear cache of Messages app

3) Clear cache of IMS Services app

4) Clear cache of Experience Services app

None of the issues was resolved by this fix but it had the effect that the Gallery app now says "No stories", even though these were still accessible after the initial update.

I have now resorted to getting a new phone but am desperate to access my stories in the Gallery app again.

My hinch is that clearing the cache of the Samsung Experiences app made this app even more unworkable. Presumably, it just started so far before the clearing of the cache as to make the stories in the Gallery app accessible (I have not cleared the cache or any data for the Gallery app).

My question thus: is there any batch for the Samsung Experiences app (now running on Android 10) available which could help me to access and display my stories in the Gallery app again?

Any help would be much apprecciated as these stories capture very dear memories.

Thank you very much in advance!

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